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November 29th, 2010

Wayward American reporting in! /salute

Decided to post something here to reassure everyone that I ain't dead yet! XD

Though, uh...I started playing World of Warcraft again. *bricked* Yeah yeah, that's pretty much the reason why I haven't updated my LJ in a couple of months. >.> I'm playing WoW. I have 3 level 80s.

It's not my fault it's so addicting. It's Blizzard's! Those crafty willy American developers...Oh how you steal my brain with your awesome and murloc merchandise. That plus it's a great stress reliever. Go go battlegrounds! *grin*

I got Kingslayer on two toons, go me! XD And I got promoted in my guild: you're looking at raid leader here! And I've gotten my Loremaster and Seeker achievements. And of course Explorer, and Argent Champion, and Crusader, and Guardian of Cenarius, and Diplomat, and Ambassador...I'm working on getting my "the Exalted" title too (just one more exalted rep!) I've got bout 6600 achievement points, which annoys me because I'm still number 2 in my guild for most achievement points earned. *twitch* Must...have...more...

My boyfriend gives me this look whenever I'm playing...By the way, a shout out to him for being the most awesomely adorable addon ever! (I get him to watch for the CD on Defile on Lich King so I don't die horribly.) I love you, babe, you're the best...now can you stop trying to burrow holes in the back of my head with your eyes?

I'm thinking of leveling a paladin. (Contrary to popular belief, I don't play a pally...cause they're boring. 'Cept now they have Holy Power and I heard they're less boring so maybe I'll try 'em out.) Or a druid. That would be cool.

And Cataclysm is in 8 days! WOOT!

Why do I have a feeling someone's gonna yell at me after I post this? lol




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